Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Workshop on Nutrition and Immunity for Infant and Child health

MSD-Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories is a first of its kind joint venture between Merck & Co., USA and Wellcome Trust, UK Hilleman Laboratories is dedicated for improvement of child health by developing affordable vaccines for the developing world.

It is well known that appropriate functioning of the human immune system is dependent on nutritional status. There are a lot of insights gathered about interrelationship between nutrition and immunity and its role in reducing childhood morbidity and mortality.
Hilleman Laboratories understands and recognizes this interplaying role of nutrition and immunity in improving child health and its impact on the economic sustainability of our nation. To further our understanding of this key area, Hilleman Laboratories aims to convene a workshop on 21st and 22ndSeptember 2016 in NewDelhi, India. The workshop plans to provide a platform to spur a dialogue between esteemed academicians, researchers, public health experts and policy makers responsible for planning nutrition programs across the country. The workshop will have key-note presentation, theme presentations and discussions.

The workshop scopes to address the two-way association between nutrition with immune parameters in infants and young children. Infancy and early years of a child’s development represents the most nutritionally vulnerable stage of life cycle. Young children pay a lifelong price of undernutrition. Improvement in nutrition status is vital for saving young lives and thereby creating an impact on economic sustainability of a nation. The impact of nutrition is multi-faceted. Nutrition in early years of life is known to make a huge impact on immunity of an individual.

The workshop aims to cover key topics like integrating role of nutrition and immunity and provide insight for the nutrition focal persons/managers on key technical updates on child nutrition and immunity. Some of the key topics to be covered are: Nutrition requirements of children, Nutritional epidemiology for infant and child health,Nutritional deficiency associated Immune disorders in infants and children and Role of nutrition in prevention of disease, environmental eneteropathy, vaccines and nutritional health.

The first segment of this workshop session will throw light on importance of nutrition on immunity in infants and young children. It aims to landscape the trends and determinants in infant and child nutritionacross the country . The second segment aims to appraise and evaluate the nutritional requirements of infants and young children, and consider prenatal nutrition too. The third segment will shed light on ill effects of poor nutrition and its adverse impact on physical and cognitive growth of children.The fourth session will focus on how good nutrition in early years can strengthen immunity or vaccination against a disease can be chosen to prevent disease. It is well known that nutrition status alters response to vaccine and therefore, this session will explore the concept in conjunction with the role of environmental factors for infants and child health. The fifth and final session is planned to focus on the promotion of good health through nutrition and primary prevention of nutrition related illness in infants and young children. Apart from discussions on nutritional education and counseling programs for children, this session is also aimed to address integrated issues such as sanitation and hygiene which could indirectly affect infant and child health.

This workshop thus aims to highlight and resolve the gaps in current scenario while discussing malnutrition, immunity and vaccinesby providing a great opportunity to distinguished professionals to discuss the latest advancement, practices and challenges in the field to achieve the common goal of improving infant and child health. 

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